Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can an owner install a washer/dryer in a condo unit?  Information about installing a washer/dryer unit with the appropriate approval form can be found here.
2. Do I have to move my vehicle when it snows? Yes, the snow removal policy states, the day following a substantial snowfall, (4” or more) snow removal equipment will begin to clear all driveways and parking areas by approximately 9:00 a.m. In order to facilitate quick and thorough snow removal, it is imperative that all vehicles be moved as directed by the managing agent. If you have been asked to move your vehicle and you have not done so within 30 minutes, your vehicle will be towed at your expense. If this occurs more than once, a citation will be issued each time to the condo owners and a $100.00 fine thereafter.
3. Can I use a Charcoal grill on a deck or patio?  No. Charcoal grills are NOT allowed on decks or patios. They create an unnecessary fire hazard. Propane grills are allowed.
4. Does Dillon Valley West have an Emergency Response Policy?  In the Event of an emergency, dial 911!
You can find a copy of our Emergency Response Policy here.